Client Feedback

Client Feedback

We at NOVA Cat Clinic are always looking for ways to improve the products and services that we offer to our clients. Your suggestions, ideas, and comments are always welcome.

If you are contacting us regarding a medical question or sick cat, please call the clinic at (703) 525-1955.

If you have a non-medical related question or comment, please feel free to call the clinic, email, or contact us via the web.


We thank all of our clients and their favorite felines for their continued support!

If you have a second, we would love for you to fill out our survey.


All patients are seen by appointment only. Please arrive at your appointment on time. If for some reason you need to cancel your appointment please let us know at least 24-48 hours in advance.

At times, emergency cases will receive top priority followed by patients with previously scheduled appointments. In most cases, we try to arrange emergency appointments to be seen early in the morning. At times patients need to be left at NOVA Cat Clinic for further examination, diagnosis, and treatment.

Payment Policy

We require full payment at the time that services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Cards and cash. We no longer accept personal checks.


Patient Arrival Policy

For the safety of your cat and the clinic cats, we request that all cats must be presented in an appropriate cat carrier or on a leash.

Web Site Privacy Policy

We do not collect or give out any information to any third-party vendors or internet businesses.  No information will ever be disclosed to outside parties from us. It’s that simple! And we strictly adhere to this policy. NOVA Cat Clinic recognizes the importance of protecting the personal privacy of its clients, its patients and those individuals who simply visit our site. Your privacy is also protected in our hospital. At no time is any information given out about the client or the pet without the consent of the owner.

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who responded to our recent survey! We will attempt to respond to some of the most commonly brought up concerns.

  1. Location and notice
    Many of you had questions as to the location of our new building and when the move would take place. The new building is 1 mile from the current location and is located near the intersection of Route 50 and Glebe Road in Arlington, VA. We are still in the beginning phases of planning and remodeling. We will be providing periodic updates, as we get closer to moving.

  2. Parking and ADA access
    There were a lot of concerns regarding parking and entering the building. At the new building, we will have 15 parking spaces in addition to 5 street spaces that are currently not metered or zoned. The entrance to the clinic will be ramped with an ADA parking space available.

  3. Boarding
    Since we are going to have a new and larger clinic, some of you were curious if our boarding facility would be able to better accommodate some of our larger feline friends. New boarding condos are being purchased for the new clinic. While we will not be able to accommodate more boarders than we can now, each condo will be larger. The condos have been also been designed to decrease stress.

  4. Hours
    Many of you would like to know if we have plans to extend our weekend and evening hours. We will begin expanded doctor availability on some Saturdays starting December 2013. We may start expanding our evening hours before the move.

  5. Exam rooms, reception, and being Cat-Friendly
    Several of you voiced concerns about being able to be present for simple procedures. You were also wondering if there was a way to speed up checking out so your kitties don't have to wait after their appointments are finished. Currently, we only have 2 exam rooms, which can make maintaining the flow of the day challenge. The new clinic will have 4 exam rooms and a comfort room so we have more flexibility in accommodating the request. Our reception area will be able to accommodate 3 receptionists instead of 2 that should speed up the check out process. We are also hoping to have built-in carrier cubbies so cats can be elevated and hide while waiting to check-in or out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why all the changes? And is it just a name change?
    DanMarc, Inc, a corporation owned by Daniel Brown and Dr. Marcus Brown and trading as Capital Cat Clinic, was dissolved at the request of both owners, effective December 25, 2012. Dr. Marcus Brown has formed a new company to continue the practice of feline veterinary medicine which trades under the name NOVA Cat Clinic and is located at 3838 Cathedral Lane, Arlington, Virginia 22203. It is the only cat clinic presently operating at this address. For you, our clients, it may appear to be simply a name change, but officially NOVA Cat Clinic is a new trade name for a new company solely owned by Dr. Marcus Brown.

  2. Are you AAHA accredited?
    Yes, we are AAHA accredited.


What is AAHA? American Animal Hospital Association

Established in 1933, AAHA is well known among veterinarians and pet owners for its standards for hospitals and pet health care. Approximately 3,000 veterinary hospitals voluntarily participate in the AAHA hospital evaluation program. Trained consultants regularly visit these hospitals to ensure compliance with AAHA’s standards for services and facilities. Individual veterinarians can also be members of AAHA.

NOVA Cat Clinic is proud to be an accredited AAHA Member.

AAHA Accreditation Background

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is an organization serving veterinarians and members of their staffs, who are engaged in the delivery of veterinary medical care to pets. In addition to providing educational programs and publications and various services to practices, the Association publishes Standards for veterinary practices. Those practices that choose to undergo periodic on-site evaluation by AAHA staff may become Accredited by the Association. Membership in AAHA and participation in the Accreditation Program is voluntary.

The Standards and the Accreditation Program

The Standards developed and published by AAHA are widely accepted as representing those components of veterinary practice that represent high-quality care. The Standards are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that they remain consistent with evolving knowledge and technology. The AAHA Standards of Accreditation address the following areas:

  1. Dentistry

  2. Emergency services

  3. Pain management

  4. Patient care

  5. Surgery and anesthesia

  6. Contagious disease protocols

  7. Radiology services

  8. Laboratory services

  9. Pharmacy

  10. Client service

  11. Staff continuing education and training

  12. Human resources and leadership

  13. Patient and staff safety

  14. Pet medical records

  15. Examination facilities and equipment

  16. Housekeeping and maintenance

All AAHA-accredited practices voluntarily meet or exceed the association’s standards for facilities, equipment and quality procedures. Those practices that wish to be accredited complete a lengthy application process, which culminates with an on-site visit by a veterinary professional employed by AAHA. Those practices that are found to be in compliance with the policies and Standards requirements established by the Association are awarded AAHA-Accredited Practice status. In order to maintain accreditation, the practice must undergo periodic review and additional on-site evaluations every three years.


AAHA also accredits species-specific and specialty veterinary practices. The association offers accreditation for avian practices, feline practices, emergency and critical care hospitals, house call/mobile practices, central hospitals and hospitals with an emphasis on surgery or dentistry.


AAHA-accredited practices are truly distinctive in providing the highest quality care for pets. AAHA standards are recognized around the world as the benchmark for quality care in veterinary medicine. The Standards of Accreditation are written for veterinary health care staff and AAHA members only.

What Accreditation Means for Pet Owners

Choosing an AAHA accredited veterinary practice for your pet’s medical care assures you that the practice you have selected has the facilities, equipment, staff, and medical protocols that AAHA believes are important for the delivery of high-quality care. Further, voluntary commitment to the AAHA Standards and the Accreditation Program demonstrates that the practice has chosen to have itself measured by an outside organization against the most rigorous published Standards in the industry.

If at any point you have any questions concerning these changes, please feel free to contact us.