NOVA Cat Fosters

NOVA Cat Fosters

The NOVA Cat Foster is an informal group of at-risk kittens that evolved over the last couple of years.  Our Licensed Veterinary Technician, Ellen Carozza has very special talents when dealing with “at-risk” kittens.

She has devoted herself to caring for orphaned kittens for much of her veterinary career.  This involves getting up every 2-3 hours to feed the kittens and coming up with innovative ways to feed, care for, and medicate them.

These kittens have a very high mortality rate, but Ellen has had a great success rate with them.  This group began informally as Ellen helped local rescue groups with their orphans.


Now, many local organizations seek Ellen out for her expertise when they have questions regarding kittens or if they have a group that needs fostering.  The group has grown quite a bit over the years – sometimes we foster more than twenty kittens in a season! Luckily we have been able to adopt the kittens out to furrever homes once they are healthy.

Because of the intensive care required, Ellen and the clinic decide how many kittens can be at the clinic at one time.

The entire team is involved with the kittens and everyone is welcomed to visit with them.

Funds from the Chris Griffey Memorial Fund are used to help with their health care.

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