This podcast is where Dr. Erica Barron and Ellen the Cat LVT will dive deeper to provide more information about cats. 

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Welcome to Episode 2 of The Litterbox!

Today we’re discussing recommendations of what to do before you adopt a new cat and what you should do once you adopt one. 


Make sure to find a Cat-Friendly Practice

Check out the indoor cat for some great ways to catify your home.

Make sure to check out some other great NOVA Cat Clinic resources

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Welcome to The Litterbox Podcast! 

In this episode, we introduce ourselves (can you place Ellen’s accent?) and give you a little bit of insight into the Cat-Friendly Practice. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast to make sure you do not miss any!

Check out these websites to take a deeper look into what we chatted about today.

NOVA Cat Clinic

American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)

Cat-Friendly Practice

Cat Friendly Home