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Are You A “Cat Whisperer”?

Want to see if you are a “Cat Whisperer”?

Here is a great article from the Sunday Washington Post. The University of Guelph has done a study at how well people do at understanding cat expressions.

Research done at University of Guelph

The researchers had 6000 people watch cat videos. The participants then had to determine if the cats had a positive or negative reaction. This was not just a North American study. People in 85 countries participated.

Participant scoring

The average score was 60% or failing. About 13% of participants scored over 75% which is excellent. Cats are more subtle with their feelings. However, with some practice one can improve (that’s my opinion). Women tended to do better than men, and younger people did better than older.

Test your skills

If you want to test your skills, click here.

If you would like to read the Washington Post article, click here.

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