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CGMFF Year in Review 2019

Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation

Year in Review 2019

What a year!

2019 brought us many kittens, THIRTY FOUR to be exact and only 6 who passed due to their illnesses despite the advanced medical care provided. Even with these challenges, we were incredibly successful with our remaining cases that otherwise would have been euthanized or passed on their own without the care we are able to offer the community. And YOU played a crucial role in making it happen!

Unfortunately, we did have two cats returned from previous adoptions and through the power of social media, we found them new homes!

Autumn and Alex hopefully have found their final forever homes.

Currently we have 1 young adult cat available for adoption now (Angela) and a kitten named Cheery Little Bottom.

Angela is NOT a beginner’s cat. She is an independent cat who DOES enjoy lap time, and makes sure she gets plenty of it from the staff at NOVA Cat Clinic during their lunch breaks. It does take time for her to warm up to other cats but she does tolerate Autumn and Bart currently with no fighting. We took her in from another shelter that had her on their euthansia list due to a skin problem. We got that cleared up and realized maybe it wasn’t just her skin that had her on the list. Getting to know her and removing her from a stressful situation proved this girl is a charmer and now she is ready for a home of her own. She quickly became one of our favorites this year with her cattitude and quirky personality. Currently she resides as a clinic cat with the hopes that she will have a person of her own that will love her as much as we do.

Cheery Littlebottom is a delightful kitten that enjoys giving kisses and being held. She will be available at the end of January! Give us a call to schedule a visit!

To learn more about the foundation and/or sign up for the newsletter click here

Thank you all again for the continued support and cheering for these special cats on! We cannot do our work without your generous support and we hope to continue providing advanced and high quality neonate and feline pediatric medicine in 2020! Have a very Happy New year!

With Appreciation,

Ellen Carozza LVT,

The Cat LVT

President CGMFF

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