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Does NOVA Cat Clinic Groom Cats?

The answer is yes BUT only for cats that need sedation to be groomed.  If your cat does not need sedation we recommend The Groomery on Glebe. The head groomer/owner, Belle is wonderful and will do a great job for your furry friend.  If your cat is severely matted (which happens to the best of us), we will administer medication to help decrease anxiety. 

Fortunately, Bell comes to the clinic periodically to groom these cats that need some help tolerating clippers. We will only be performing grooming on Mondays.

Qualifications for a grooming at NOVA Cat Clinic

To have a sedated groom, your cat needs to be a patient. One of the doctors needs to evaluate your cat. We need to be sure that sedation will be safe. During the sedated groom there will be a doctor or licensed veterinary technician monitoring your cat.

We only perform one type of cut and that is a “clown cut”. This is similar to Henry Ford and the Model “T”. You can have your car in any color as long as it is black. We will do any cut as long as it is a “clown cut”

Clown cut

Top View Clown Cut

Please feel free to call – 703 525-1955 – or email us for more information.

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