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Happy New Year 2020 – Survey Results

Thanks to everyone that took the time to fill out our survey.  We appreciate your time and will work to meet your needs.  The only way that we can find out how to better serve you and your cat   is to  ask you.

Congratulations to the winner of the drawing, Samantha Lim.  We will place a $50 credit in her account.  She requested that we do a Facebook Live about training cats.  Thanks to everyone again for taking the time to fill out our survey.

Survey Results

We currently offer home deliver of medication and food through our online pharmacy.  For more information about Vet’s First Choice click here. 

If you feed Hill’s products, there is a Hill’s to Home delivery that sends food directly from the Baltimore warehouse to you.  For more information click here about Hill’s to Home

We will be training our team to check you out in the examination room in the up coming months. This will allow you to be able to leave faster and hopefully decrease stress for your furry friend.

We have been working to establish these for awhile.  There are some challenges with legal and payment.  Hopefully we will have these ironed out in the near future.

Wellness plans are a way to help budget your cats’ veterinary needs over a year.  These are not for non-wellness issues such as surgery.  We would recommend that you have pet insurance for non-budgeted expenses.  To learn more about Pet Insurance click here

Some your request and suggestions

Q- Urgent care time slots

A- We leave 1-2 time slots per week day for urgent care.  We did have an urgent care doctor, but there was not enough demand to have a dedicated team.  This may change in the upcoming year

Q- Home visits

A- We do offer limited house calls.  These are only for current clients.

Q- Remote consultations via Skype, Facetime, or WhatsApp

A- Currently in Virginia, Maryland, and DC , we need to have a doctor-patient-client relationship.  To establish that we need to be together IRL.  Technology is rapidly changing and that could change in the future.  If there is a relationship, video consult are allowed and we will consider how to offer them.  Stay tuned for more information about Tele-medicine.

Q- Sunday pick up for boarders or hospitalized cats.

A- We tried coordinating times with one of the assistants in the past.  Unfortunately travel can be very unpredictable and the meetings sometimes did not happen.  Airlines and weather patterns do not always cooperate.

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