Our Services


Hyperthyroidism is a very common condition in cats, especially as they age. 

Behavior Modifications

We offer services to help you with house-soiling problems occurring in your household.


NOVA Cat Clinic offers full dentistry services.


NOVA Cat Clinic offers
select grooming services for current clients. 


The frequency and length of treatments vary by condition and specific case but can be an affordable addition to your cat’s treatment plan. 

Cat-Friendly Visits

NOVA Cat Clinic understands that visits can be stressful for you and your ca, so we want to make your visit as pleasant as possible!

Feline Wellness Report

Here at NOVA Cat Clinic, we are happy to introduce the new Feline Wellness Report. This report comes with a discounted blood and urine panel that is a 40% savings over the regular price.

Radiology/X-Ray & Ultrasound

NOVA Cat Clinic has both digital full body and
dental x-rays. 

Annual Exams

At NOVA Cat Clinic we stress the importance of preventative medicine and regular physical exams for your cat. 

Boarding & Daycare

NOVA Cat Clinic offers overnight and daycare boarding for current established clients. 

Therapeutic Laser

Laser therapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses light energy (photons) for tissue healing and pain reduction. 

Weight Management

Successful weight management is a combination of proper number of calories and environmental enrichment to alleviate boredom.